Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter is Here!!

Well with the snow, wind and bitter cold air, it makes one want something warm and comforting and filling. For me that means nothing better than soup and a good hearty grilled cheese (or 2). Being as that I have become such a fan of winter squash I believe that I am going to attempt a butternut squash tomato cream sauce. I know, I know, it sounds like quite the conglomeration of flavors, but I think that it will be very good. I don't want the normal butternut cream soup and I love tomato based soups, but you need a little cream in there too. I don't know, too many choices. Either way, the true focal point of the comforting meal will be the sandwich. A grilled cheese is not just a kid's treat anymore. The right cheese, bread, herbs and some smoked turkey or ham make a grilled cheese an adventure in gooey stretchy goodness. I think that something good may just come out of this cold weather yet. Oh and you can't forget the other part of days like this, a good book that you can't put down is vital!! Everybody get a bowl of soup and a sandwich, find your favorite literary adventure and stay warm!

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