Monday, December 29, 2008

Morning Soup!!

No I didn't have soup for breakfast. I made soup AFTER breakfast!! I, as always, got the sudden call to create something in my playland and decided it was a day for soup, but not just any soup. I have come to find that with soup I love flavors and textures of many different soups. The flavor of tomato soup, the creaminess of a good cheese based soup, the many flavors of a good minestrone and the chunkiness of potatoes in a soup. I love all those things, and suffice to say there really isn't a, "everything but the kitchen sink" section in the soup aisle. So what do you do when you want something that you can't find, you CREATE. You chop, dice, mince stir, caramelize and slow cook to perfection, exactly what YOU want to taste and feel in your mouth! So a quick run down of my, "All or Nothin'" soup: carrots, green pepper, potato, onion, broccoli, tomato soup and cheddar cheese soup. Spices and seasonings; sage, garlic and of course the ever versatile, salt and pepper. As I type this, I anxiously await having a bowl of it when I get home. I have found that I do indeed love getting everything together and putting it all in the slow cooker for later, that smell, the texture and of course the EASE of it! So I say not why not put everything you want in one dish, one way or another, because you get what you want, how you want and best of all, how much you want!! Soup's On!!

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