Monday, December 15, 2008

Crocker . . . Betty Crocker!

Well in keeping with the cold weather and the season of warm, melt in your mouth, memory stirring and sweet treats, I have taken a real interest and liking to baking. It has however come to my attention though, that I don't like to bake for myself. I made the first couple batches of things that I liked and remembered from my childhood, but than I realized that was good. So when I baked this weekend it suddenly hit me why my mom always made so many batches, dozens and loaves of the baked goods. Having all this bread and sweets in front of me, suddenly made me want to share with people and give the gift of food. So I decided that I would bring some to my coworkers and of course, that special somebody! But more than that, I have decided to have a little baking party to gift away some things to people. I can remember when my mom did it and how happy people were to receive a loaf of homemade banana bread or Christmas cookies spread over a "Frosty" plate. It's a good feeling for everyone involved.
I hope that I can make people as happy as my mom did! Or they had better at least pretend!

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