Monday, December 15, 2008


Lately I have been having this undying need to discover new things in the gastronomical world. I am tiring of trying to replicate the latest Tyler Florence "Ultimate" or making healthy what I read about in cookbooks. Don't get me wrong I love seeing if I can make even come close to resembling the pictures or descriptions. But the problem is, I don't know how it's suppose to taste. That saddens me. I just want to try a true New Orleans Gumbo (from a grandma's house) or a true Thai dish from Thailand, oh and the French and Italian dishes that need to be discovered by me yearning palate are endless. Duck confit, osso bucco, croque monsieur, and oh the desserts! I think that given the chance this summer, ok so probably next summer, I'm going abroad, I'm gonna discover the food world on my terms and find the roots of all the things that are eluding my naive taste buds.
OK so maybe I have been watching too much Andrew Zimmern and Tony Bourdain, but those guys are like my culinary discovery mentors. They know what's up and they do it on their own terms, I like that and clearly respect it.

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