Monday, December 8, 2008

Holy Pastries Batman!!!

Ah yes another wonderful weekend with the family doing nothing but simply enjoying our time together, ok and me going nuts in the kitchen at every nap time!
My oldest son loves those overpriced, oversalted, oversized and cheese friendly soft pretzels from the vendor in the mall. Well in tradition of trying to make things that we would usually buy from others, I decided to give it a whirl. Well not only was it one of the few times as of yet that I have baked, it was the first time that I had done anything with yeast. When the recipe says that it will double in size while resting, it really means double in size. I had dough hanging over the edge of the bowl, it looked just like an episode of I Love Lucy or something. Either way they turned out awesome, once I figured out how to really play with the dough. Next time, by the suggestion of a "silent partner" I will be adding ingredients/toppings to the mix, cheese, herbs, veggies, and so on!!
Next on the list was to utilize what my wonderful coworker brought me . . . about a pound of fresh blueberries. Well I do love breakfast pastries. But well they are expenxive and not the best thing for you and I refuse to support Starbucks anymore than I absolutely have too!!! So I decided that scones were in order, I love scones, especially with fresh blueberries that were so deliciously fragrant that I could barely wait til they were in the mix and baked to eat them! Well half an hour later we turned out about nine warm, airy, soft and wonderful blueberry scones. They were really really good and of course didn't last long, between handing some out and taste testing there just wasn't much left. But that only leaves me to want to make more, this time raspberry/blackberry.
Last but not least, I had a special request, that since I was going Betty Crocker on my kitchen, to try my hand at a cobbler. Well not just any cobbler, a peach/blueberry combo of tastebud tantalizing goodness and warmth. I honestly didnt even know what cobbler was, until I saw the final product, I thought it was that crumbly stuff that goes on top of baked apple dishes and the like. It was also amazing and I had a little help (ok lots of help from the inspiration for the dish). I think we will be making more things that she wants, that was good!!!!

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