Friday, December 5, 2008

Deep Sea Cuisine!!

Well tonight it finally happens. I get to have my mussels. Steamed, garlicky, buttery, play with your fingers goodness!! I can't wait to clean those lil' guys off get 'em steamin' and get a nice big pot of spaghetti boiling. Now of course the best part of the meal is picking a good wine to drink with it, since we are cooking them in wine of course. No work tomorrow, so it's ok.
Now you're probably saying well there is no way that his kid's are gonna eat those things, well you're right, mussels are for the date and me, the kids get WACKY MAC noodles dad-ified!! They love noodles just like their daddy, so I can't deny them that. However I am gonna try to get my oldest to try one of the mussels, he might just do it, if I bribe him with something good! HAHA!! So eat, drink and be merry everybody and as always . . . GOD BLESS!!

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