Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Everybody Salsa!!

OK so not your normal pre-Thanksgiving dinner, but I figured with everybody enjoying smooth, rich, creamy and comforting foods tomorrow, we would have Tex Mex Night at the Singleton house! We're doin' Enchiladas and of course Spanish rice. Enchiladas are of course pretty straight forward, I'm thinking chicken, probably marinate for a bit in a spicy mix of zesty goodness (you love how nondescript I'm being ha ha). Jalapenos, green sauce, onions, tomatoes, garlic and of course cheese! all those things should be good for a tasty main dish to our fiesta night. the rice is more of a Spanish risotto, the way I do it anyway. I like rice as a smooth creamy texture rather than little kernels, for this dish anyway. However you want to look at it, good or bad, there will be no authentic tequila sitting at our dining table tonight, oh well we'll save that for another festive night. I hope everybody has a good thanksgiving and eats and experiences everything the wonderful holiday has to offer, food family, relaxation, free time, football, reflection and of course more food.

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