Friday, November 14, 2008

The Spice of Life!

Ok so like most of us out there, I started with the usual, S&P shakers, garlic SALT and some old seasoning salt. I had no idea what seasoning food was all about before. Before I was a foodie that is, hahahaha! Now I have a whole cabinet shelf of spices, ok so three shelves if you count liquid and other odds and ends. I have pretty much everything, I'm not gonna lie I pretty much get something new everytime I go to the store, it's awesome! Over the last couople months every time I would discover a new flavor, seasoning, herb, or spice I would quickly proclaim, "man, how in the world did I live without this before?" It would usually find its way into almost every dish I would make for the week until I would figure out just how I really liked it. Discovering all these flavors is great and amazing and just invites more doors tyo be opend in the culinary world. But I did title this post, the SPICE of my life, for a reason. Cinnamon, yes you guessed it, the oh so versatile, deep, earthy, sometimes spicy, but never wrong cinnamon. I love it, I put it in, on and around everything. My daily oatmeal, oven fries, coffe, sauces, ice cream, cereal and the list goes on. I think that I love it so much is because my mom used it in quite a few dishes and it reminds me of her and her warmth and love! So reach in your pantry, cabinet, dust spice rack or behind the stove where it fell a year ago (then go buy a new bottle) grab that amazing spice and sprinkle it on something!!

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