Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First and foremost!

Ok so here goes my first post as a full-fledged foodie and curious epicurian. I love food, cooking, shop talk and all things gastronomical. I think the world really needs to understand that we could survive on bread and water or nutritive pills, but food is more than a survival tool. We must experience and taste what the world has to offer, both near and far!
As a person who recently lost a lot of weight alos I have had to make some dietary changes and eating things like fast food and "bad" supermarket food is no more. So now I make and eat things that taste good and only things that taste good. In the words of Disney's Ego (Ratatouille) "If I don't love it . . . I don't swallow it!"

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys and will continue to check in for recipes, reviews and general food blogging!

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