Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner: Impossible BEEF CHALLENGE!!

So I have quite the task on my hands! One of my wonderful coworkers (who happens to be in the beef industry) blessed me with a beautiful tri tip sirloin roast yesterday. Now most of you are probably saying, "SWEET- free red meat!" Well not so sweet for me, I for one don't eat that much red meat, minus the occasional skillet burger made from 96/4 lean ground beef. I just love seafood and poultry. So I didn't even know what to say or do when she handed me that, accept for thank you and . . . I accept the challenge. So the recipe, meat cut, marinade, rub and cooking method has been on and poppin' for the last 24 hours. I will find a suitable way to best this opponent and create a meal fit for kings, or my two kids and I on Sunday after church, and save some leftovers, haha! Oh and a plate for my coworker who was oh so kind and wonderful to give me this challenge. I thank her and credit her for my growing knowledge of red meat. I will let all know how the pre-Thanksgiving feast goes on Monday!!

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