Monday, November 24, 2008

Dinner Possible! Just gonna have to do it again!

So I cooked all weekend! What is possibly more enjoyable to a culinary experimenter, nothing I love to play in the kitchen. I had my children this weekend and they are developing an affinity for the culinary adventures that have. I even get them to watch Food Network now instead of cartoons, MUA-HAHA! So Friday was nothing to exciting, but man did it begin on Saturday Morning. I made my first B&G at home. I am a sucker for it on a menu @ a truck-stop or little hole in the wall diner and decided that it was time to make a non-arterial demise of the classic favorite. It was great! We continued the day feeding geese at the park then went and saw the new movie, BOLT-3D. The little glasses were the best part. Grocery shopping is always the fun part of Saturdays cause I get to mosey through the aisles and find new things to play with and my oldest, Dominick just loves "helping" me pick things out. So we picked homemade pizza ingredients while at the store. There half . . . pepperoni ad cheese (blah). My half, red onions, mushrooms, green and yellow red peppers, ground beef and fresh diced tomatoes!!!
Has anybody seen those little individual pie crusts, well they are awesome. We totally made mini pumpkin pies! Never made pumpkin pie before and well let's put it this way, three people five mini pies, sugar free cool whip and half an hour later and there were no more pies left! It was amazing, they were so good.
Sunday mornings are the worst for me, I wake up with an itch. I have to start cooking as soon as I get up. So I started the red meat adventure. I thawed the meat, but still being really frozen and me not being very patient I said well what else can I make while I wait. Ratatouille of course!! I love it so I diced, I sliced, I barely missed my thumb five or six times and simmered and there it was in all its wondrous delight!
So once the roast was thawed I got the veggies ready, baby reds, whole onion and sectioned carrots. Put the veggies in the bottom of the roasting pan, rubbed the roast with S&P, Paprika and scored it and stuffed slices of garlic right in the meat. Showered it in a little Worcestershire sauce, stuck it in the oven, went to church and came home to my first home-cooked Sunday dinner of meat and potatoes. As a result of chatting and knudling at church I was running late and the roast went from medium to medium well. Not how I wanted it, but still very good and I was proud of the flavor and the fact that my kids ate it.
Overall great weekend of family, church and fellowship and great cooking adventures!!

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