Monday, November 17, 2008

Gotta get out!

So in an attempt to "feed" (no pun intended) my soul this weekend, I spent most of my days off right there in the belly of the beast, the kitchen. You know they say on that MTV show cribs that the bedroom is where the magic happens, well I disagree or strive to alter it anyway a bit. I believe the kitchen is where magic of a whole new kind can happen!! So for starters, I have been getting my hands on everything pasta related from every book at Barnes and Noble and the library. So needless to say I have been experimenting with all kinds of sauces and pairings for a couple days now.
But my real achievement this weekend was my- from scratch, completely homemade, mama-style comfort food, blissfully delicious and warming (ok ok) winter squash soup!! It was my second batch and let me tel you everything that wasn't right in the first batch got fixed this time and it was amazing. Possibly the best part of the meal, besides my company, was the cornbread. Now I don't know about some of you but cb is not something I usually think of and consequently I have not had it for years. Clearly not the best decision I have made. The pairing of the two was so warming and delicious. It had snowed here a couple days ago and there was still kind of a bite to the air, that canned soup wouldn't take care of, so how do we fix it make your own.
As squash seemed to be the focus for the weekend, I also made dessert out of it . . . skim milk, maple, brown sugar, CINNAMON, nutmeg and a tiny bit of butter spray all pureed and chilled, served with a dollop of whip cream. Delicious!

So needless to say that aside from the "special" dinner and other palate pleasing dishes that I was making I didn't leave the kitchen much . . . it was awesome. I left for Church and the gym, that was pretty much it, oh and to grocery shopping.

Well until next time . . . and God Bless all!!

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