Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Spooned Love"

I have been cooking like crazy lately, like I said yesterday this weekend was a definite kitchen weekend. Well when all was said and done the best part of the meals was getting to share my creation with somebody over good conversation and just enjoyable company. It was warming, soothing and perfection at a table! The mood was set and we were just so relaxed, totally immersed in just BEING.
As of course I had leftovers, I brought some to my co-workers and explained what it was and let the food do the talking from there. I get so excited to share with someone who will appreciate the creation that goes into and the love of cooking. The nice part about sharing is the love you get back the next day when they come in with big grins and your empty tupperware container, clean and anxiously awaiting to be filled again with "spooned love." We all have our ways of interacting and really pouring ourselves into things and cooking is mine and getting to share it with the people I care most about is the best part. So to everyone who knows somebody who is going to eat a less than love-meal, cook them something and have them come over for some "spooned-love."

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