Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When did it happen?

So I have been reading Anthony Bourdain's book, Kitchen Confidential. Now while it is a little brash and harsh sometimes he is a very interesting man and has truly lived the cook's life. Since I have always worked in restaurants it is easy for me to relate to pretty much everything he describes and retells. Little anecdotes, kitchen dialect, patron problems and most of all a cook's love and passion for food. The question that is still sauteing in my mind (bad play on words I know), is when did I truly know that food was a significant part of my life and something that I wanted to explore to the ends of the Earth? Well to be honest I have no idea. I guess that I can say that I have always loved food, I love the way it makes you feel and the events or things usually transpiring around or because of the food. My mom always made good comfort food, there was always Sunday dinner, good holiday fare and those special treats throughout the years. So good ol' food, for me I guess has always been something that I truly enjoyed. As far as the new experimentations and getting crazy I just don't know. The creativity on my part was from lack of interest in the common everyday fare that restaurants or a microwave could put out. I needed something to revitalize my palate! So I truly believe that no one point has been the transition, more of a natural progression, which was bound to happen and I am oh so thankful for that. I love finding and discovering new foods, but most of all I love making it my way and then sharing with others, because what good is a good meal with nobody to share it with, ok it's still a good meal but just not as enjoyable!

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