Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So last night I got done at the gym and ran some errands, was super tired and just wanted a fast dinner, well things never happen that way. I have actually found that cooking for one takes longer than cooking for multiple people. Anyway I get home, decide pasta, well what do I put on it? So a quick red sauce, lots of mushrooms! Well eat dinner and realize that while my stomach is full my desire to "play" in the kitchen is not, I promptly get up and head back into the hot spot. I started making more noodles, didn't really know what I wanted to cook, so I looked in the fridge, what do I find, hamburger. OK so noodles, hamburger, more mushrooms . . . that's stroganoff. So now we get creative, I open the pantry to see a can of campbells cheese soup. I scoop some of that some sour cream and mix. Ok doesn't sound so weird yet, well then came the ketchup and ground coriander. All I have to say is try it before you judge it!!! Next time I'll save you some . . . maybe!

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