Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have a fishy feeling . . .

So lately I have been craving anything that swims. Mostly crab, squid, calamari and MUSSELS!! When life hands you mussels, make cioppino, I say! While I have never made it before, I plan to this weekend. I will make it a seafood night. maybe some crab dip with a garlic-buttered crostini and either mussels marinara or perhaps the fabled cioppino (I really love food way too much). And of course you have to have the appropriate headache-inducing (in moderation of course) white wine. I think that seafood is important for the average person to eat on a regular basis. What other type of food can you instantly feel like you are by the beach or some really fancy restaurant in the south of France, kicking back relaxing and sharing conversation! If all goes well I will hopefully be posting my version of a seafood splendor feast on Monday, for all to read.

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