Friday, January 2, 2009

The holidays are over, but I still wanna bake!

So oddly enough, I enjoyed everybody elses baked goods this Christmas and made nothing of my own. I am saddened, but there is only one thing to do that will remedy this underlying sadness. Let's get bakin'! My first baking adventure of course will be some quick breads. I really don't feel like I can turn on the oven without making some sort of lil' love loaf! With my newly acquired food processor, I will make quick work of the chopping and mixing!! Next my big one is a rediscovered love. My grandma used to make all kinds of cookies at Christmas time, I didn't know what each one was I just knew they were made with grandma love! Well, grandma isn't with us anymore (heaven is fortunate), so needless to say I have not had the pleasure of enjoying her baking delights. Recently though a good friend and sort of adopted grandma made some cookies and insisted that I take some home for the boys . . . they got chocolate chip and sugar . . . I discovered the lil' balls of heaven. Now there are names such as russian tea cakes, mexican wedding cakes, peppermint tea cakes and so on! All I know is that when I ate the last one the other day I had to find the recipe and get to work! So I will be adding that to my list of treats this weekend. I will have pictures and words of enjoyment come Monday!!

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