Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cranberries and apples and zucchini . . . oh my!

Well there were no Russian tea cakes this weekend. I had so many other things that I wanted to make and actually I was a little intimidated by them. I didn't want to mess them up and leave myself with a bad experience with them. I will for sure try my hand at them, so that I am not dependant on the holiday season to fatten up a little bit (haha). But I did however tackle other baked goodies, that I shared with others. My mom would very often bake all day and then give it all away, I never understood why, seeing as how it was so good, but now I understand. It was such an amazing feeling to see how happy people were to receive something homemade with love. I of course had my little helper, my youngest, Ayden, with me to help deliver the goodies. I made three different baked treats, two of which I had made before and the third was something that I had thought about and wanted to try, especially since I had fresh ingredients to aid the flavor. I made my mom's zucchini bread and honestly that was my favorite and I have to say that I am getting closer everytime to the perfect taste that she had. Surprisingly enough my little sous chef, Dominick, loved it. I have a feeling that if I had told him what zucchini was, he would have had no interest in it! Then I made an apple spice bread, I love apples and I love cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and the rest of the goodness, so it just goes together! It's a nice blend of sweet and savory. Now the cranberry cornbread was my prized creation. I still had the cranberries that my coworker had given me and I decided that they had been neglected long enough. So in to the batter they went. It was amazing! I held back on how many cranberries I put in there, fearing that it would mess with the batter consistency, and honestly the only complaint that I had, was not putting enough cranberries in there. Every bite was tart and sweet corny-berry heaven. I had lots of fun making, eating and delivering my loaves of love. I will take on the tea cakes, just when I build up some more courage.

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