Friday, January 16, 2009

Man vs. Food

Ok so this one is a general rant and rave about the so called entertainment that the Travel Channel has delineated to the public, called Man vs. Food. Not only is it a sad rip-off of Triple D, on the Food Network, but honestly who wants to see some guy every week see how much he can possibly eat and how fast he can destroy his GI track? I mean they already had their food paradise shows, which often had the feeling of stuffing your face, but then they went so far as to name one of the series episodes, All You Can Eat: Food Paradise. I mean, we all like to eat, but come on there is a line right. Besides it's not like he is finding unique food, well besides the shear size. There is no special uniqueness transcending from the heritage of the place or some hole in the wall with a gourmet, classically trained culinary student hiding in the back. Essentially what I am trying to say is, that I hope this show flops and soon! We don't need to be encouraging overeating, we need to be encouraging good food, tasty, homey, unique and well-made food. And of course the option of being health concious should come in at some point as well. I feel that in the spirit of supporting my favorite and the true culinary discovery channel, The Food Network, that I say that Man vs. Food is a ripoff and deserves any and all bad reviews of what it is at face-value, because it is simply nothing more than that anyway!!!

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