Monday, January 12, 2009

Who vants de stroganoff?

So I never realized that I liked certain types of food, dishes, whole culinary discoveries, because my mother, God knows i loved her, called everything by some odd Joy-ism (Joy was her name). Ya the basics we got but stroganoff . . . not quite what I remember it. MAybe that's because she knew me well enough that if she had told me that it was anything to do with mushrooms I wouldn't have gone near it. Well I sit here typing, remembering two nights ago when I shared one of the most amazing dishes that I have ever created with one of my best friends. He liked it too. When I invited himn over, I didn't ask what he wanted to eat, mistake, no I think not, this kid will eat just about anything, he is like me in a lot of ways. So I pulled out noodles, a bag of frozen peas that I have been wanting to eat and my stash of italian turkey sausage. Obviously the start to a great meal, but I was missing the connective tissue of this meal that would pull it together. My first thought was red sauce, garlic and basil. The stand by if you will. But this was a day to live outside the box. So in to the veggie cooler and the pantry I went. From the frig I pulled, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. From the pantry I found the key ingredient, yes the faithful, the everlasting and the oh-so easy undeniably wonderful can of mushroom soup, YES!! Gastronomical victory was at hand. I put it all together slopped it on some plates and poured acouple galsses of vodka and man were we set. Now I write slopped, only because my friend doesn't care about presentation or the like. For me though, not cutting the sausage and making sure that there were the right amount of peas atop my mountain of noodles was just as important as teh wonderous taste that accompanied this man-food! So we feasted we drank, then we played guitar hero . . . Rock on!!

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