Friday, January 9, 2009

A Tour of Italy!

Ok so I didn't go to Olive Garden! Nor did I get a new stamp on my passport, that actually has no stamps, ok I don't even have one! But none of that is the point here, I felt like I was in Italy with my family, without even leaving our dining room table. I had decided that last night would be a good italian dinner night. Well my first thoughts went to wine, I know I am a wine junkie (any excuse is good enough for me). So of course, my next step was to decide on a meal plan. Well when I think of italian food, I am very stereotypical, but who isn't really. Cheese, tomatoes, oil, bread and pasta, all the comforts of the boot shaped penninsula right on your plate! So my mind immediately ran to a dish that I had actually made once long before I began my culinary endeavors . . . Chicken Parmigiana. Once this crossed my mind I was immediately stimulated into full creative mode, side dish, appetizer, wine and sauce ideas all began floating through my brain. But then I thought well you know I want wine chicken and sauce, why all the extra stuff. Simplicity is elegance in my book. So I set out with some chicken, some sauce, cheese and dreadging components and had wuite possibly the best dinner that I've had the pleasure of eating in a while. I simply dredged, pan fried and finished the chicken in the oven. I decided that ribbon/egg noodles and a nice fresh salad would go well with the dish and not overpower or contrast too much with the dish. Now it was time for the wine, chianti was the most suggested wine that I could find, but that was simply too dry of a wine for some of the palates at the table. So instead I went with Yellowtail Shiraz. I have been wanting to try the Yellowtail brand and I figured why not, especially with a new wine as well. Well, let's put it this way, I hope that all their wines taste that good!!
So overall, great dinner, I had a very comforting warm dish that will forever be a part of my recipe arsenal. I discovered a new wine and we visited Italy, all from the comfort of our kitchen table.

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