Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Meal, One Family

So it finally happened last night!! My son ate the exact same thing that I ate, no difference whatsoever. I was ecstatic. He is finally developing those tastebuds for something more than chicken, broccoli and carrots. While there is nothing wrong with that, I just want him to have a good understanding of good food. I was making a new skillet meal, ground beef, mushrooms and tomatoes (seasoned accordingly of course). Jokingly, I asked if he wanted what daddy was eating and he looked in the skillet and said yes!! I couldn't believe it. I made some peas and roasted some red potatoes and he ate everything and kept telling me what a good cook I was. Now while I like the fact that his instincts are telling him to praise my culinary skills, I even more so enjoyed the fact that he appreciated a good meal. Of course I let him help me as I always do and I think that really helps, because that is usually when I get him to try something new at least once. Next is going to be fish, so I have to find a kid friendly fish recipe that hopefully won't have to be breaded in anyway. No more picky eaters in this house!!

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