Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woe is me!

SO there has been no cooking, no experimenting, no incredibly amazing dishes, no nothing in my new little apartment. I do have to commend myself on a very nicely done steak with pan gravy and mushrooms and onions. The problem wasn't with the food though, it was with the setting. Let's just say I don't exactly have a full dining set, it's more of a plastic plate set atop my dog's kennel! I know, I know at least I have a roof over my head.
But I do have to say that my love for cooking has not diminished, I am constantly on the search for that new and exciting dish that will make me go oh man!! The problem is, the setting and as any seasoned eater knows, the setting and the company are a very crucial part of the dining experience. So needless to say that since I dine on top of my dogs kennel, I don't invite too many people over for dinner. I think until I am done with this semester and can find something a little more permanent and a little bigger, HAHA, I will have to depend on others cuisines for my major eating and dining experiences.
I am planning on doing some mussels here in the near future, so you may just see another post from me shortly!

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